IEW Celebrated - GCEP Afghanistan

October - November, 2007

1. October 25- November 16: Education - ICT based lessons, students’ presentations/discussions at all ILC’s (Kabul, Jalalabad, Takhar).
November classes on International Education took place at all ILC’s starting November 1, 2007. Students and members of ILC’s from almost 40 schools of Kabul, Jalalabad and Taloqan discussed education issues and opportunities. This lesson involved posting photos that illustrated education scenes in student’s communities. Students prepared their Power Point Presentations, discussed their ideas, presented photos from their schools at

2. November 11-16: “Improving Afghan Lives through Education” On Line Forum was held between ILC’s in Kabul, Takhar and Ningharhar. Participants included GCEP ILC students (students from more then 30 female and male schools of three provinces), students of Imam Al Bukhari, religious school (madrasa) from Jalalabad , students of Rabia Balkhi Girls School and Mariam Girls School from Kabul city, as well teachers, community members, and participants of “Morning Star” Internet learning center in Kabul, see comments at

3. November 11- 13: photo session: “One day in my school”- GCEP students took photos in their schools using GCEP cameras, best photos were posted on the program website

4. November 12: Female Students developed Electronic magazine: In dedication to the International Education Week, Electronic magazine was developed by the Youth leadership female group and GCE participants from Kabul. The magazine is being issued in Dari and it is called “Waranga” (“Luminosity”). It consists of wide range of materials and resources important to teenagers such as education, culture, and fashion. The issue also contained IEW dedicated page. Magazine has been posted on the program website and is being distributed widely among program participants, partners, government officials and communities;

5. November12: Graduation Ceremony took place at ILC in Kabul. 110 GCEP students from various schools of Kabul graduated this day after attending three months of extensive ICT course. The ceremony was dedicated to the IEW, and took a place at the Teachers Training College of Kabul. Six power point presentations were presented, as well as two dramas, three poems, songs, drawings exhibition and two magazines were shared with the public.
The ceremony was recorded and broadcasted by Sham Shad TV and National Television Company of Afghanistan. A number of official guests were present, including Mr. Timothy Moore from US Embassy , officials from Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Principals and teachers of Sofe Islam High School, Tajrabawee School, Mariam High School, Head of Aqra Institute, teachers of Teacher Training College, parents, and over 150 other participants.
Certificates of completion of ICT course and other ILC related activities were distributed.
The celebration continued with a reception that was greatly enjoyed by the participants.

GCEP-ICT Course completion certificates delivery, ILC Kabul
6. November 14: IEW celebration at ILC Jalalabad. Student-representatives of program participants from more than 10 schools of Nanagharhar Province including students of religious school Imam Al Bukhari and TTC, teachers of Teachers Training College, program volunteers, parents, community members and street children, and students from Social Volunteers Foundation participated. Program staff Eng. Yusuf presented IEW and TTC teacher Mr. Daud Khan who talked about importance of education in the society. US Gov program alumnus GCEP exchange students Samsoor presented his thoughts about education rights and benefits of education, he also expressed his views on what he saw and learned during his trip to the US past summer. More then 80 people participated at this event; they joined the discussions and shared their ideas about the situation in education in their Communities.

7. November 15: IEW round table at ILC Taloqan, Takhar Province. 8 male and female students from 6 schools of Taloqan attended a discussion on International Education Week, conditions of Education in Afghanistan, and especially in Takhar province. They took back to their schools the ideas discussed during the round table to share with their class mates.

8. November 14-16: GCEP exchange students had presentations/coordinated discussions on education, culture and their visit experience to the United States;

In addition, Power Point Presentation on IEW was presented by Mr. Yasin, US Gov alumni, GCEP exchange student from Taloqan ILC. The presentation was held twice during the day for groups of females and males separately: at 11:30AM and 3:00 PM. More than 20 male and female students in each session were present. Mr. Yassin shared his experience from visiting the US, advantages of American education system and his impressions and experience about US culture and people he met.

Similar presentations were held by US Gov. programs alumni Mr. Samsoor and Ms Shukria in their communities in Nagharhar Province during IEW.

9. November 12-16. Interviews given by US Gov. program alumni to the mass media.
Mr. Abdul Rashid Malakzai, GCEP teacher exchange participant was interviewed by Cled Radio regarding IEW and his exchange program to the US, he also talked about GCEP activity in Afghanistan. The interview was broadcasted on November 29.

10. November 12-16. Roundtable discussion on Rights to Education. Participants three Human Rights Clubs (Clubs initiated by GCEP-Af);
Kabul: November 12. The discussion was held by Human Rights Club leaders, in which students, teachers and parents participated. Participants discussed following topics: the essence of IEW, education rights, importance of education for Afghanistan, challenges facing education in Af, etc. During the discussion journalists from Shamshad TV and National TV of Afghanistan were present. They are willing to create a video report about the roundtable.
Mariam Girls High School, Kabul

Kabul ILC
Ningharhar Province, November 14: Human Rights Clubs members in Jalalabad, conducted presentations and ran discussions on Education rights, women’s and children’s rights, and other issues in their schools and communities, Power Point Presentation available at Jalalabad Human Rights Club members discussions dedicated to IEW are available on-line:

11. Drawing session at GCEP Mariam Girls School computer learning center, see photos at

12. National TV and Radio interviews.
National TV observed IEW Celebration at ILC Jalalabad, the whole event was recorded and broadcasted on National TV channel two times: on November 26 and on December 2, 2007.
Interview with Mr. Abdul Rashid, GCEP exchange teacher, was conducted and broadcasted by National TV. Topics such as education issues in Af, GCEP activity and American education system, Rashid’s impressions from his meetings and visits to the US Universities were covered.
Human Rights Club’s roundtable and GCEP ICT Course Graduation Ceremony in Kabul recorded and will be broadcasted in the nearest future by Shamshad TV and National TV of Afghanistan.

13. November 7-18, TPD Trainings: 10 day Teachers Professional Development trainings for master Trainers were conducted in Nanagharhar Province. Participants included 6 teachers from Teachers’ Training College of Jalalabad and 4 teachers of GCE partnering schools. TPD manual and modules developed by RI were presented, and methodological sections of the training that were voluntarily developed by GCE exchange teacher, US G funded program alumnus Mr. Abdul Rashid.

14. November 12-28, On-line discussion “Right to Education…Right to Life” with Palestine was held among GCEP participants. GCEP participants from Afghanistan posted their comments on “the Right to Education” and “education in our lives forums”, to see comments visit:


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