Jalalabad GCEP ILC HRC members discussing about IEW

On 14 November 07 the Jalalabad GCEP ILC Human Rights Club members made an event about the International Education Week, in this event participants from Communities, Schools, TTC came together, one of the GCEP ILC exchange student and HRC member Mr. Samsoor explained about "The Right to Education" to the participants he compared the education system and status of Afghanistan with the USA,
The Human Rights Club members also presented a powerpoint presentation on Human Rights in Afghanistan,
Bellow is the taxt and photos of the presenation the presented,

As we learned about Human Rights which shows all human rights (women, men and children) in our Human Rights training we understand that all the Human has lot of same Rights on each other and every one must respect each other’s Rights

But unfortunately this is very less in our country that people respect each other’s rights
In our country every day there is bomb blast and every day children and other human are killed in our country

Television footage shows bomb blast victims lying on a street in the town of Baghlan in northern Afghanistan

We always wish for peace in our country but we never had. Even for a second
But we won’t let this situation to be going on. We will work hard to find a solution for this

Our children are still in the problems,

Hundreds of students on class room, Tajrobawi School

How we can connect the Human Rights with the International Education Week?
This was an International Education Week and was horrible for us when comparing our education status with others
We are also Human and we are seeking for our Rights

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